Practice Areas

Corporate Law

Solcz Law has experience helping small business owners with all aspects of their business—from incorporation to transferring the business to the kids or selling the business. Solcz Law can also help business owners in between as they navigate issues of liability or contract drafting and basic employment issues.

Wills & Estates

Often times clients believe a will kit or holographic (handwritten) will can suffice to protect and distribute their assets after death. This cost-saving approach can actually backfire and cost the estate a lot more money than intended. Solcz Law can help you draft a will for a reasonable price. More complex estate planning can be accommodated but should be discussed in the beginning. Clients will receive an all-in price in their engagement letter based on complexity.

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Non-Profit Corporations and Board Governance

Compliance with the law, rules and regulations that govern non-profits and charities in Ontario can be complex and it can also feel overwhelming to the Directors and Officers of the organization. Ryan has experience working with organizations on issues such as board governance, conflicts of interest, charitable registration and revocation, and parallel foundations. Ryan is also happy to work within the constrained budgets of non-profits and charities.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Call Solcz Law to discuss how Solcz Law can help you through your new purchase or sale. Solcz Law sends ever residential real estate client an intake letter with a ball park of fees to expect on the transaction. Clients fill in a PDF form to transmit information in advance so we can get your file open while we wait for financing instructions from the Bank.
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